“We’re Not A Democracy” – US Senator

The U.S. has always been very open about their disdain for democracy. This loathing of democratic principles has been part of the very fabric of this nation since day one. Just read John Adams’ reasons for restricting democracy or James Madison’s ideas on “protecting the opulent minority against the tyranny of the majority”

Recently, a US Senator Mike Lee from Utah published the following tweet:

We’re not a democracy.

The next day Lee published the following statement:

Democracy isn’t the objective; liberty, peace, and prosperity are. We want the human condition to flourish. Rank democracy can thwart that.

It’s not often that you see a sitting US senator declare that “we’re not a democracy,” let alone to paint that as a good thing. Yet that’s exactly what the Senator did. Keep in mind that these are the words of one of the most powerful men in the country. This is a sitting U.S. Senator!!

When Madison wrote his famous statement that the “Landholders ought … to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority.”, he explained exactly how to do it:

The senate, therefore, ought to be this body.

Madison, Federal Convention, June 26, 1787

Senator Mike Lee, and his colleagues, know exactly what their doing and are being very open about it.

Any questions?


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