A Literal Bird’s Eye View of the IMF and the World Bank


Here’s a fun fact for you: Every president of the World Bank has always been from the United States and the director of the IMF has always been European.

Pretty sweet deal, don’t you think?

Gives a new spin on the word “International” and “World”.

And just for fun, care to guess where these organizations are headquartered?

The IMF is on 700 19th St. NW in Washington DC and the Wold Bank is right across the street on 1818 H St. BTW, the White is located 2 blocks from these organizations.


I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but one look at this map and you quickly get the sense that something isn’t right.

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Here’s a short video from CNBC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN3qrFA4jXc

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