Jefferson: Create Paradise by Taxing the Rich

All this talk about taxes makes me think of Jefferson:

Thomas Jefferson to Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours
15 Apr. 1811, Monticello, Virginia, USA

The poor man in this country who uses nothing but what is made within his own farm or family, or within the US. pays not a farthing of tax to the general government, but on his salt; and should we go into that manufacture, as we ought to do, he will pay not one cent. Our revenues once liberated by the discharge of the public debt, & it’s surplus applied to canals, roads, schools Etc and the farmer will see his government supported, his children educated, & the face of his country made a paradise by the contributions of the rich alone without his being called on to spare a cent from his earnings. The path we are now pursuing leads directly to this end which we cannot fail to attain unless our administration should fall into unwise hands.


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