War is Not About Truth, Justice and the American Way – Lawrence Wilkerson

Lawrence Wilkerson is a retired United States Army soldier and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson is an adjunct professor at the College of William & Mary where he teaches courses on US national security. He also instructs a senior seminar in the Honors Department at the George Washington University entitled “National Security Decision Making.

A Security and Finance State that Dominates the American People

Lawrence Wilkerson Pt.8: I don’t know if our grandchildren will live in a democratic republic:

Guilty as Charged

Lawrence Wilkerson Pt.7: Before Powell’s UN presentation I wrote my resignation but didn’t submit it:

9/11 and the War in Iraq

Lawrence Wilkerson Pt.6: Colin Powell’s job was to “clean the crap” off the oval office carpets; intelligence was being fixed around the policy of going to war:

Cheney, 9/11 and The New American Century

Lawrence Wilkerson Pt.5: Cheney and his team saw 9/11 as an opportunity to advance their real agenda:

Predatory Capitalism and War for Oil

Larry Wilkerson P4: The first Gulf War made me begin to understand that our military strategy was all about oil:

Decline of the Empire

Lawrence Wilkerson Pt3: On Colin Powell and the end of the empire:

War is not About Truth, Justice and the American Way

Lawrence Wilkerson Pt.2: I learned that war was about power, politics and commercial advantage:

Wilkerson: For Truth, Justice and the American Way

Lawrence Wilkerson, Collin Powell’s former Chief of Staff, reflects on his life journey from “cold warrior” to harsh critic of US foreign policy:

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