Three Idiots and a Video – A Facebook Experience

I recently had one of the most interesting experiences on Facebook. There were so many elements to this exchange that I felt compelled to share it with the world.

Let’s start with the post itself. A “friend” shared a video of some guy ranting against the #americawasnevergreat hashtag. The first thing to note is that the speaker is Paul Joseph Watson and he works for Alex Jones of, and the Alex Jones Show.

Anyone who knows anything about Alex Jones and his crew will tell you that they are Conspiracy Theory Evangelicals. Let me explain this in the simplest way I know how:

Alex Jones said on live video and radio that “the reason there are so many more gay people now is because it’s a chemical warfare operation encouraged by the US government to prevent people from having children”!!

Nuff said?? They say shit like that ALL the time! Anyone sharing content from these lunatics can easily be dismissed as a failed human being.

Now that I got that out of the way, on to the funnier side of things. Notice the branding around the video. It reads “When whites get mad when black people rise up they make videos like this”.

It’s a spoof video! It was supposed make fun of the idiotic things ignorant racist white persons say to combat criticisms of their country. Our Facebook “friends” actually thought it was a video championing their beliefs!!

Think about the comedic elements of this post. Some guy named Jase Haber and his buddies actually sided with the contents of the video and never noticed that it was supposed to be making fun of them in the first place!!!

The video ended with with helicopters painted with the stars and stripes screaming “America, Fuck Yeah!” – literally a scene from the Team America World Police Movie!!!

I almost died laughing at how perfect it worked. It was so funny that even I thought my “friend” shared it by mistake. Rather than alert him to this fact, I decided to play along.


I usually start these things with a challenge. The insult is there to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed by the author or anyone who happens to come across this post. Unfortunately, Jase Haber did not take the bait and just responded with “Cool”.

I had to attack the ego and ensure that if he avoids me he would be branded a coward. It’s strong language, but it worked this time. It’s like saying “That’s right bitch, run away if you know what’s good you.” – Few would let such an insult go 🙂


The bait worked so well that others decided to join the party. At first, the author (Jase Haber) continued to distance himself from having to engage me with his “difference of opinions” argument. This is easily countered with the 2+2=4 argument. It’s basic and simple to understand. But more importantly, it keeps the conversation going.

Now, I know very well that the 2+2=4 can be defeated, but what are the chances that anyone sharing these kinds of videos have a background in Epistemology??

Moving on…

A person named FI JE entered the conversation.Quickly, you can tell he’s definitively the smartest of the bunch by the character of his question. He actually read and understood what I wrote and proceeded to throw it back at me.

Please notice how none have yet noticed that they are defending a video whose purpose is to ridicule them! Comedic gold!! Also, notice the bullying and character assassination. This is typical. Ignore those comments.

My reason for doing these things is not for the sake of debating or to make somebody look bad. It’s the Web. Everybody is watching. I do this for the spectators and the curious minded. I do this to add context to subjects should someone pass by. That’s my target audience, not these idiots.

And so, I add the context:


FI JE makes a futile attempt:


OK. This happens a lot with these kinds of people. Either they’re playing stupid or they actually don’t understand what you’re writing. 90% of the time they don’t actually understand.

This is when you pause and take control of the conversation. Remember, I’m not actually debating these idiots. I respect chimps, but you’ll go mad trying to play chess with one.

There is no winning or losing on these things. There is only purpose. Start making them declare their stupidity in writing or incriminate them till you’re satisfied. That is the only win in my book.


Notice how my request for clarity and confirmation completely take over the conversation to the point that they resort to personal attacks on my character. I placed myself in a position where any answer they give will be immediately challenged with an indirect attack at their intelligence.


Now I’m just treating everyone like children by giving everyone a chance to correct themselves. And just like children, they respond with a minion!

I commended their bravery. It’s one thing to profess your stupidity by sharing a video intended to insult the very person sharing it, it’s quite another to reinforce it by writing it down.

The idiots continued to launch personal attacks but that damage had been done. There was no need to comment any further. I got what a wanted.


Now, all that was fun and good, but there we were some very disturbing anecdotes during these exchanges. Notice how no one dared to admit to simple things like slavery. The best they produced was “Slavery gets shit done”. It’s a foreign concept to them. It should disturb anyone reading. Even sadder is that in the Team American Wold Police theme song you find the phrase “Slavery, Fuck Yeah!”  That movie was supposed to be satire, not a documentary.

The scariest thing about all this was how they saw themselves and their beliefs as being part of the majority. Aside from the white supremacist undertones behind such statements, you also get the sense that they want people who think analytically about things to fail.

Personally, that is the scariest thing about all this. They want people who use logic, ask questions and think for themselves to be drowned out of society. At least, that’s the feeling I that got from them.

I don’t know how to end this right now. I’m sure I’ll come up with something profound in time. But for now all I can think of is the 2006 movie Idiocracy. Watch it when you get a chance. You’ll see what I mean.

Thanks for reading,

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