Confirmed: God is Responsible for the Death of Innocent Children


I recently had a very interesting online encounter with a person of the Muslim faith. Given the content of the post, I decided to poke a little bit and see where the conversation goes. The conversation went so well, that I decided to share it.

Now, before we proceed, the person in the exchanges is not some fringe figure. He is a young professional from Pakistan. He is involved in civil programs, local politics, NGO’s, etc. In summary, he is actually the future of his society. This context is required to bring the point home:

The most educated and capable persons in our societies can hold deranged assumptions about how the world works thanks to their religious delusions.

Case and point:

Elpidio: God allows the murder of innocents to test them (the murdered) and us (the survivors), thereby concluding that the murder of innocents is part of God’s plan after all?

Saad: Exactly!

I rest my case.


Notice the complaint: Innocent children are being kidnapped by Israeli soldiers. As horrendous as the situation is for the Palestinians, a rational and slightly cynical mind must ask: Where’s God in this mess?

What does it mean if the Palestinians have been praying for over 60 years and the genocide continues till this day? I was hoping my Muslim friend would help shed some light on this question.

As it turns out, the best Muslims can come up with is that it’s all part of a “test”. This is God’s test for all to witness and respond to.

Let’s explore this idea a little further.

Should we get upset at the Israeli army or God for setting up this test?

If it’s a test, then it assumes that God allows or plans for innocent Palestinian children to be kidnapped periodically by lawless goons. The test creator (God) brings together all the elements (Palestinians and Israelis) which make for the perfect test.

Heck, if it’s really a test, then the Israeli army is just as innocent as those kids.

If it’s all a test, then it must be said: The systematic genocide of the Palestinian people is actually a part of God’s plan after all!

What do we make of all this?

We have to conclude that the followers of Islam are a confused bunch. They literally take out their frustrations on the agents of the plans/test while failing to reason that their God is the entity solely responsible.

Notice how I pressed my Muslim friend. He very clearly knows that his God is behind the whole thing yet refused to put any blame on God. Instead, the blame is on everyone else.

This is classic case of blaming the messenger instead of the sender, only that in this case, the person blaming the messenger knows fully well the the sender is the problem, yet refuses to acknowledge it.

It’s easier to blame the messenger!

Make sense? You tell me.

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