Ole y Amén – Españoles Cobardes

Hello all,

Recently, I had the fortune of running into several Spanish monarchy supporters who were very quick to silence my opinions. Unfortunately, some of my comments were deleted and I was barred from making any further comments. I guess it was just to much to bare. Franco would be proud!

Notice the final “Ole y Amén” to make themselves seem victorious:


2 responses to “Ole y Amén – Españoles Cobardes”

  1. Be glad that you weren’t arrested. Here in the Netherlands, we had last year several incidents where peacefully demonstrating republicans were arrested by the police.

  2. La única realidad que hay, es que por lo menos en España no hay mas que marionetas manejadas por una politica corrupta, traten de ser racionalistas y ver con la razon propia y no la social.

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