Making “Picadillo” Out of Christian Pastors

Recently, I had the fortune of running into a Christian Pastor during my Facebook travels. I made these people look sooo bad, that they strategically deleted my comments so as to save themselves the embarrassment of getting schooled in their own religion.

I must admit, this was a thrashing like no other. I’m not one for pride, but it’s important that the world know how Christians debate: They ignore the arguments, quote meaningless scripture and repeat. When the whooping gets to out of control, they resort to the cowardly act to deleting comments to modify the debate and make themselves appear as the victors.

Below is the full and unedited debate between myself and some Christian Pastor named Daniel Parga. You can learn more about this charlatan from the Columbia World Outreach site.

Facebook debate between Elpidio Valdes and Pastor Daniel Parga of Colombia World Outreach.

Below is the Christian edited version:

Edited Facebook debate between Elpidio Valdes and Pastor Daniel Praga


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